Year 9 scholarship

For more than 80 years Gordonstoun has been the world leader in character education, with a curriculum which, unrivalled in its breadth, helps every child to achieve their full potential.

The Year 9 Scholarship assessments for Autumn 2022 entry will take place on 27-29 August 2021.

If you are interested in applying for a Year 9 Scholarship for 2022, then please fill in our online enquiry form, so that we can keep you up to date with our scholarship news.

If you wish to discuss a possible application for a scholarship Sabine Richards, Admissions Director, will be very happy to speak with you. Please contact who will make an appointment.

We stretch and challenge students through a uniquely broad curriculum encompassing academic, outdoor, cultural and sporting activities and a commitment to service to our community. Our students gain real value from learning to live alongside people from different backgrounds and with differing strengths, as well as within a community where one third of our students are from Scotland, one third from the rest of the UK and one third from overseas.

We encourage scholarship applications from any young person who can demonstrate their ability in one of the scholarship categories listed below, is capable of benefiting from a Gordonstoun education and committed to enhancing the life of the community and setting an example to their peers.

Pupils from any educational background may apply and allowance is made for boys and girls whose present school makes no provision to prepare candidates for the scholarship examinations.

Awards are made for the duration of a school career, subject to review each year, in the light of progress in all aspects of school life. To fund our extensive scholarship programme Gordonstoun uses its own resources, draws on a designated scholarship fund and seeks funding from external Trusts and benefactors.


Scholarships and Bursaries are offered to boys and girls born after 1 September 2007 for entry into Year 9 (aged 13) at Gordonstoun in the Autumn Term 2022.

The Selection Process

All candidates will take papers in Mathematics, English and a verbal reasoning test. In addition they will be interviewed by senior members of staff and take part in group activities.

Categories of Award

Academic Scholarship

For boys and girls who are currently doing very well at school. We are looking for outstanding academic performance and potential.

All Round Scholarship

Awarded to candidates who possess, and have the potential to develop, clear all round abilities. Successful candidates will demonstrate a high level of academic competence, combined with strengths in other areas such as art, sport, music, drama or design. Candidates should indicate in their application which skills and abilities they wish to demonstrate in support of their application.

Music Scholarship

Awarded to candidates who show talent and potential as instrumentalists or vocalists, with a genuine enthusiasm and love of music.

Art Scholarship

Awarded to candidates who can demonstrate outstanding artistic talent and potential through presentation of a portfolio and interview.

Value of Scholarships

The value of a scholarship is a 10% reduction of the appropriate fee. This may be augmented via a means-tested application for further financial assistance.

Means-tested Awards

Parents or guardians who need to apply for a means-tested bursary should request the appropriate form from the Fees Administrator, Alison More, by emailing or by telephoning 01343 837914. 

Specific Bursary Funds

We have access to a number of bursarial funds which can provide financial assistance to successful scholarship candidates in the following categories:

  • Children of serving Royal Navy or Royal Marines personnel. The School’s scholarship award of 10% of fees may be increased to 50% of fees
  • Children from Scotland with a preference for children from Perthshire
  • Children from mid-Wales
  • Children from Jersey
  • Children of sea fishing families from the former county of Banff

For further information

Please email the Admissions team for an application form.

If you would like to have a conversation about whether your child should enter, about the scholarship process or any other issue relating to joining Gordonstoun please contact Sabine Richards, Director of Admissions on T: +44 (0)1343 837829 or E: