Sixth Form: Year 12 entry

Broader experiences, broader minds. We believe we offer our A-Level students the broadest curriculum in the world. This gives them an unequalled opportunity to prepare themselves for exams while learning the skills they need for life.

Thank you for visiting our website. Feel free to have a look around and get a feel for life at Gordonstoun. Year 12 is a busy, exciting place to study for A-Levels and learn about yourself. What do you enjoy? What are you good at? What will you excel at? Our motto is ‘plus est en vous’ – which means ‘there is more in you’. At Gordonstoun, this sense of possibility is instilled in our students every moment of every single day.

You’re not leaving home, you’re coming home

Leaving home is a big decision – and choosing a school is an even bigger one. Here at Gordonstoun you will make friends with people from all over the world. Students who feel at home studying in the classroom, competing on the playing field or performing on stage. We follow the English A-Level curriculum and have a staff/pupil ratio of 1:6 to help every child meet their full academic potential. Gordonstoun students leave us to go to Universities, Colleges and Art Schools all over the world.

It’s a wide, wide world at Gordonstoun

The breadth of the Gordonstoun curriculum is unique and isn’t confined to the classroom. In the Sixth Form you will go on expeditions up mountains and adventures on the ocean. We also offer an outstanding programme of sport, music, dance and drama. And because Gordonstoun is one of the few remaining full boarding schools, we have a seven day programme.

Leading the way

We encourage all students to develop leadership skills by taking on some form of responsibility. There are many opportunities across the school and in the local community from becoming a House Captain to joining the local fire brigade. Life in Year 12 and 13 is vibrant and varied and students have plenty of opportunities to pursue hobbies, keep fit or simply relax with friends. ‘Socials’ happen every Saturday evening and these range from Scottish reels and dances, to cabaret nights and cinema trips. Many are organised by the students themselves.

Meet the world

We are proud to be home to children and young adults from over 40 different countries. This diversity enriches the lives of everyone here and is a cornerstone of our belief in internationalism. At the end of Year 12 you will be able to take part in community projects to Thailand, Ethiopia and Romania.

Thank you

We are honoured that you are considering joining Gordonstoun. We can promise you an exciting two years that will stretch, challenge and help you grow into an adult with confidence, compassion and a network of friends that spans the world. Together you’ll share some incredible experiences which few young people ever get the chance to enjoy. Whatever you decide to do, we’d like to wish you all the best for the future and hope you take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

For more information about our Year 12 entry, please email or call us on 01343837829