Matron (Female) Vacancy

Gordonstoun has been leading the way in character education for more than 80 years. Our uniquely broad curriculum provides a challenge in the classroom, on the sea and on the mountain, on the stage and on the sports field, and enables students to discover the truth in our motto – Plus Est En Vous – there is more in you.

The (non-residential) Matron in a Boarding House is responsible for the smooth running of the House including the pastoral care, well-being and supervision of students. This includes supporting their lessons, activities, dealing with travel, record-keeping, administration and ensuring student safety.

Job Purpose: The Matron is a key member of the Pastoral Team in a Boarding House. As such, the Matron has an important role to play in the care, welfare and happiness of the students in the House.

The Matron is directly responsible in the first instance to the HM (Housemaster or Housemistress) or the AHM (Assistant Housemaster or Housemistress) when the latter deputises for the HM and through them eventually to the Deputy Head Pastoral.

Matrons are required to work a flexible, full-time working week. Their hours will be allocated at the beginning of each term, following individual discussion with HMs in order to provide the optimal levels of Pastoral Care at key periods throughout the working week.

The post-holder will be full-time, “term time plus” Monday-Friday, normally working between 0900hrs to 1730hrs with a lunch break and also on Saturday mornings from 0900hrs to 1300hrs. Due to the nature of the role, Matrons are expected to be flexible as and when it is necessary to ensure that the required level of service and care is in place. Certain duties are required to be completed a few days before and after the end of each term before the holidays commence. Absence due to sickness or for any other reason must be reported to the Deputy Pastoral Care so that cover can be arranged.

The role of Matron encompasses the following duties:


• To provide an adult presence in the House during the hours specified in the Matron’s contract and to give students help, support and encouragement where appropriate under guidance from the HM.

• To be approachable to students with an open door policy.

• To be aware of the organisational requirements of the School in terms of student attendance at lessons, examinations and activities. The Matron is the first line of call when a student is missing from class, the start of public examination or an activity.

• To monitor student presence and activity in the House during study periods and work afternoons and reports any problems to the HM. Any visiting students are required to report to the Matron if they enter the residential section of the House.

• To encourage students to maintain high standards of hygiene, appearance and behaviour.

• To work closely with other members of the Pastoral Team and operational teams as may be required to fulfil the requirements of the post.


• To ensure that the House Daily Logbook is kept up-to-date, stored securely at all times and is passed to the HM before the end of the day.

• To monitor the on-going cleanliness of the House to ensure that it complies with the Service Level Agreement set up between the House and the School Housekeeping team, advising the HM of any concerns.

• In conjunction with the HM, to ensure that domestic routines are adjusted, where appropriate, to cater for special events, such as visits, open days etc.

• To answer the telephone, record messages and provide personal reception at the House for visitors, including parents, prospective parents, maintenance staff and representatives from outside organisations on School business.

• To organise all students’ travel arrangements.

• To organise ‘ad hoc’ travel to Elgin and/or surrounding local areas.

• To update and effectively maintain wellbeing records accordingly.

• Responsible for Tier 4 administration.

• To report and record maintenance issues, liaising with the appropriate department(s) to ensure timely resolution.

• To organise the ordering, labelling and collection by the appropriate company of items of luggage as required.

• To assist with the arrangements for the ordering and distribution of student’s stationery requirements.

Uniform & Property:

• To be responsible for checking each student’s uniform at the start of the year.

• To monitor the appearance of students, taking appropriate action to ensure that they are smartly dressed, conducting specific checks on certain items and generally encouraging the students to take pride in their appearance.

• To guide the students in the proper care and organisation of their clothing.

• To be responsible for minor repairs and some naming of clothing.

• With the HM and other staff, to share the responsibility for the tidiness and appearance of the House.

• With the HM, to play a key role in property issues, working closely with the Captain of Property in order to locate missing items, and to promote an ethos of respect for the property of others.


• To be responsible for the supervision of the despatch of all laundry to the School Laundry, ensuring that the Laundry Guidelines are followed.

• To be responsible for the supervision of the House laundry, monitoring the use of washing machines and devising a timetable for access to the machines if required.

• In the House laundry, to help out occasionally with the washing, sorting and returning of clothes.

• To endeavour to ensure that all bed linen is changed on the appropriate day and bagged for collection.


• To provide some basic medical care under the guidance of the Health Care Manager in the school Health Care Centre ensuring that all procedures are correctly followed.

• After consultation with the Medical Centre, to administer paracetamol to students, ensuring that all such administrations are accurately recorded in the log provided.

• To refer students to the Health Care Centre when there is a concern about their condition.

• In exceptional situations, to accompany students on routine medical, optician and/or dental appointments.

• To audit medicine cabinets.

• To provide information and offer advice on health issues within the House and to maintain an up-to-date supply of appropriate leaflets and information packs

Safety and Security:

• To monitor the security of the House, ensuring the entrances are secured on the code locks.

• Confirm photographic ID of contractors/visitors ensuring that comply with signing in and out procedures.

• Ensuring that contractors/visitors are not left unattended.

• To be aware of the Fire Regulations and monitor adherence to them by students.

• To ensure that Fire Exits are kept clear from obstruction at all times.

• Turn off all electrical appliances whilst undertaking daily room checks.

• If required, in the absence of the HM or AHM, to conduct an evacuation of the House according to all the required procedures.

• To report any concerns about Safety issues to the HM.

• To assist in ensuring that all electrical items in the possession of students are tested according to School safety requirements.

• Any other duties that are considered to be reasonable within the remit of the role.

Management & Performance Development Reviews:

• All Matrons are required to attend fortnightly Matrons’ Meetings and will participate in Performance Development Reviews by the Deputy Head Pastoral via the Housemaster/Housemistress on a timely basis.

Recruitment process

Applicants are invited to complete an operational application form. CVs will only be accepted as supporting documentation. The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 07 August 2020 . Interviews will take place w/b Monday 10 August 2020

Application Forms for Operational positions can be downloaded here

The job description here...

Reports to

Housemaster (and through to the Deputy Head Pastoral Care)

Child Protection

All employees of Gordonstoun are responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young persons and must adhere to and ensure compliance with the School’s Child protection Policies.


The post-holder will be required to have an up to date satisfactory enhanced PVG check

Applicants are invited to complete an application form and email to If you have any queries about the position, please contact the Recruitment Department at or telephone 01343 837831. CVs on their own will not be accepted.